Science Fair Results

The Green Jays displayed impressive work at the Science & Natural History Fair on Friday. Here are this year’s winners: 
8th Grade
1st - Joseph Edmonds - Soaps from Natural Materials as Mosquito Repellants
2nd - Charlie Miggins - Tricky Eyes (afterimages)
3rd - James Magner - Acoustics and Sound Insulation

7th Grade
1st - Rohan Aggarwal - Green Plants (hydroponic LEDs)
2nd - Henry Wilcoxon - Lead in Soil from Automobile Exhaust
3rd - Joe Madden - Water versus Soil

6th Grade
1st - Norman Barud - Lead levels in Household Local Soils
2nd - Garrett England - Bridges
3rd - John Paul Le - Trebuchet Tune-Up
Honorable mention - Nate Twardowski - Nitrogen Fertilizer
5th Grade
1st - Christopher Solis - Texas Birds in Trouble
2nd - Alessandro Directo - How Birds Fly
3rd - Charles Suman - Birds and Drones
3rd (tie) - Alejandro Trevino - Gomez - The Life of the Majestic Bald Eagle

Thanks to all the parents, grandparents and friends of the community who volunteered as judges. Special thanks to Mark Saenz who organized all the judging. Thanks also to Veronica Barud, Adry Gosselin, Suzie Chincuanco and the Figueroa’s for providing great food for our volunteers. And thanks to Joe Kolf and the Rocketry Club for a fine display of pyrotechnics, and to Chris Carroll and the Beastmasters for bringing out all of Western’s creepy-crawlies for the fair.

Rahul Aggarwal