Scholarship Fund


Educating boys to grow into authentic young men capable of transforming the world because they see what is true, do what is good and love what is beautiful. Western Academy is deeply invested in the education of boys in the Houston community. The school was founded with the belief that great education should not be limited to those who have the means to send their boys to private school. The Western Academy Scholarship Fund was established in the spring of 2018 to ensure that the mission of the school be made available to qualified families that hope for better education for their sons.

The economics of private education in today’s environment is a challenge to schools and parents. The annual cost to educate a boy at Western Academy is $21,900. The full tuition rates of Western Academy are not sufficient to cover the true cost of educating a boy.

Western Academy grants over $700,000 per academic school year. Roughly 30% of the student body (80 boys) receive full or partial scholarships.



2018-2019       Goal       $708,000

2019-2020       Goal       $720,000

2020-2021       Goal       $735,000


5% of donations toward the Scholarship Fund will be retained toward a scholarship endowment for Western boys of the future.

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Your contribution is an important part of assuring our success. Thank you for being a part of our vision and ensuring Western Academy will continue to provide a unique education to young men for years to come.

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