Rugby Update

The JV and Varsity Rugby Teams played the Woodlands JV and Varsity teams Thursday night at Alden Bridge Sports Complex in the Woodlands.

While the Woodlands JV played more technical rugby, the awesome power and toughness of the WA JV rugby team brought them their first win.

Sam Clement scored three tries for 15 points, and Nicholas Worley scored one try for 5 points. The Woodlands JV got one try in on our outside to end the game leaving the final score in favor of the WA JV 20-5. 

Immediately after the JV victory, the Varsity came onto the field to play the number one club team in the State of Texas. 

2 minutes after receiving the kick off Haden Gabel got the ball from Nick Ballew who got it from Joe Bush to run around the Woodlands defense to bring the Green Jays the first score within 2 minutes after the game started. 

Unfortunately, Gabel's score would be the only one for the Green Jays. The Woodlands technical prowess could not penetrate the Green Jays' toughness until the second half. Midway through the second half the other team tied the score by catching our boys sleeping on the outside. That brought the score to a tie 5–5. 

Two minutes before the game ended our boys tackled one of the Woodlands players out of bounds beautifully. Unfortunately, a penalty was called for lifting the leg forcing the tackled player to go headfirst. This resulted in a penalty try giving the Woodlands another 5 points and a conversion attempt in front of the posts. The final score: Woodlands 12, Western Academy 5.

The Varsity and Junior Varsity's next rugby matches will be at The British School on Thursday, March 9 beginning at 4:00pm. Come out and support the Green Jays! 

Rahul Aggarwal