Tower Garden Harvested

WA natural history classes are growing herbs and vegetables using a Tower Garden. We have started by growing lettuces, kales, cabbages, tomatoes, broccoli, brussel sprouts, mint, basil, etc! To end the year students from 5A and 5B harvested three kinds of kale and made delicious Kale-Kefir Smoothies. 

The Tower Garden, as its name implies, is a vertical gardening system that grows using aeroponics: plant roots are suspended in air rather than soil. The base of the tower holds a water-nutrient mixture which an electric pump sends upward inside the tower. Then the water drips down onto the roots of the plants. For more information visit: 

Thank you to Lee and Christine Mediamolle for obtaining the Tower Garden for Western Academy, and to all the other families who contributed to this gift: Brandie and Mark Holmes, Kristi and Mitch Marcantel, Susan and Lee Parker, Christy and Keith Morton, Debra and David Long, Staci and Eric Weggman, and Sophia and John Riches. We will be growing and enjoying produce in the years to come!

Adam Thompson