Field Trip Recaps

3rd Grade - The Western Academy 3rd Grade has had an exciting last few weeks with multiple field trips, the Annunciation Festival Day, and a visit by the Houston Grand Opera with a performance of Rossini’s The Marriage of Figaro

Recently, the boys visited Treemont Nursing Home where they gave impressive performances of music and song and some delightful poetry recitation. Following their visit to the elderly, the group went to the AD Players Theater and saw a well done and entertaining stage adaptation of E.B. White’s Charlotte’s Web. After the performance the boys were able to meet and speak to the actors from the show. It was an afternoon everyone enjoyed.

Still more recently, 3rd graders traveled to Brazos Bend State Park where they were able to hold hatchling alligators and a rather large rat snake. Following lunch we hiked a few miles. While looking for wildlife, we spotted cranes, all sorts of ducks and turtles, bullfrogs, various birds and waterfowl, and quite a few alligators; at one point we even came upon a turtle laying eggs. Most of the alligators were on the small side; however, there were one or two about which it was said that they were around ten feet in length. The only complaint from the boys was that of too much walking, which was dismissed readily after seeing how quickly they wanted to start playing games and climbing trees upon their return to the bus. All in all, it was a very good field trip and past few weeks for the 3rd grade!

6th Grade - The 6th graders took a field trip to Johnson Space Center at NASA. The boys took the tram tour of NASA and saw a Saturn V rocket that was never launched. Highlights of the trip included seeing a short Imax documentary about the space program and touring the facility where the Orion project is underway. The field trip was organized by 6th grade Earth Science teacher, Mr. Saylor.

7th Grade - The 7th graders expanded their study of the War of Texas Independence beyond the classroom when they explored a key battlefield from the conflict, San Jacinto. The  boys visited the San Jacinto Monument and Museum of History. In this visit, the Green Jays greatly enriched their understanding of not only the battle itself but the larger conflict as well.  

Adam Thompson