8th Grade D.C. Trip Recap

Last week the 8th graders ventured to Washington D.C. for some year-end historical touring and sightseeing. The trip also really served to provide the boys some quality time together as a kind of capstone and last hoorah as a class. Leading the group were Mr. Miggins, Mr. Thompson, Mr. Inglish, and Mr. Murphy.

The educational benefits of the trip were amazing! The boys enjoyed a tour of numerous landmarks in our nation's capital, including visits to important sites of all three branches of our government: the floor of the House of Representatives, the Supreme Court Chamber, and the White House grounds. Other memorable highlights included exploring the sprawling estate of historic Mount Vernon, paying our respects at the Lincoln Memorial, Arlington National Cemetery, and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, taking in some beautiful artworks at the Library of Congress, National Gallery, Folger's Shakespeare Library, and National Portrait Gallery, and following a ranger-led tour of the C&O Canal. Perhaps the most poignant moment of the trip, however, was the solemn visit to the Gettysburg Battlefield with a wonderful docent who guided the boys through Devil's Den where so many valiant Texans met their demise. It was a truly moving experience to walk where so many brave men had fallen before us.

When they were not touring historical sites, the boys were treated to numerous adventures. On Tuesday night, they indulged in an excellent colonial style dinner and entertainment at Gadsby's. On Wednesday, the boys visited our brother school, The Heights. This otherwise enjoyable visit was marred by a tragic loss in tug-of-war to their eighth graders. The boys licked their wounds that night when they let loose with some wild bowling at Pinstripes. On Thursday evening, the boys got a wonderful dose of cultural immersion at the Chili Bowl. And on Friday, after visiting Ft. McHenry where Francis Scott Key was inspired to pen what would become our national anthem, our Green Jays temporarily became Orioles fans at Camden Yards. The boys particularly liked chanting "TRUMBO" to the right fielder. The trip really struck a wonderful balance of learning and living! Carpe diem and kudos to Mr. Miggins for organizing this absolutely fantastic experience for the boys. This 8th grade class will always treasure their memories of this remarkable expedition to Washington, D.C.!

Adam Thompson