"Toad's Last Little Song!"

By Kenneth Grahame

The Toad--came--home!
There was panic in the parlours and bowling in the halls, 
There was crying in the cow-sheds and shrieking in the stalls, 
When the Toad--came--home!

When the Toad--came--home!
There was smashing in of window and crashing in of door, 
There was chivvying of weasels that fainted on the floor, 
When the Toad--came--home!

Bang! go the drums!
The trumpeters are tooting and the soldiers are saluting, 
And the cannon they are shooting and the motor-cars are hooting, 
As the--Hero--comes!

And let each one of the crowd try and shout it very loud, 
In honour of an animal of whom you're justly proud, 
For it's Toad's--great--day!

Adam Thompson