We are excited to announce that Green Lane Co., a restaurant owned by our own Luchi and Joey Figueroa, will be providing Western’s lunch program this year.  Green Lane offers fresh, healthy options such as baked foods (instead of fried) and fresh fruits and vegetables.  Click here OR scroll down below to see a sample of the lunch menu that will be offered during the first couple of weeks of September.  Green Lane will use a third-party website called EZ Parent Center (www.ezparentcenter.com) to manage all aspects of the lunch program including account signup, selecting meals, and making payments.  You can open your account and start ordering by clicking here.  Detailed signup instructions are available here.

Western’s school code (needed to open your account): apple, school zip code: 77080

Here are some key elements of the new lunch program:

  • The lunch service will start Tuesday, September 4th.
  • NOTE: There will NOT be a pizza lunch offered on Friday’s this year until further notice. Green Lane will offer Friday options. 
  • If you would like to contact Green Lane directly with questions about the menu, payment, allergies or other, you can reach them in either of the following ways:
    • GLbriarforest@icloud.com
    • Through your EZ Parent Center account, go to the “Contact Us” link, then type in the school zip code (77080), complete the form with your question and submit it.  Your submission will go straight to Green Lane Co.
  • A drink will NOT be included in the lunch.  Boys should bring their own re-usable water bottle daily.
  • Exciting new entre options:
    • There are two entre options daily: a hot lunch option and a cold sack lunch (called “A la carte” on the menu)
    • Each of the entre options allows for a “BIG” selection, which means you get two portions of the entre (for example: two chicken breasts or two ham & cheese sandwiches).
    • The costs for the options (before credit card service fees) are:
      $6.50 for the regular size (hot lunch or a la carte) and
      $8.00 for the BIG size (hot lunch or a la carte).
  • Meals are ordered on a monthly basis.  The monthly deadline for online ordering for the next month is the 20th of the previous month.  For example, August 20th is the deadline for ordering for September.
    • Any changes to your order after the 20th will need to be submitted directly to Green Lane through one of the above two options.
  • A credit card will be required to sign up for the lunch plan.  Your credit card payment is made online through your EZ Parent Center account.  At this time, Green Lane is not able to accept checks, however they are working on that as a payment option.
  • Cancellation policy: by email (see above), 1 week minimum advance notice.

Menu sneak peek: First couple weeks of September 2018: