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Western Academy is a liberal arts school for boys, grades 3-8 located in Houston, Texas.

Through personal attention and dedicated effort, teachers foster a genuine passion for learning and provide an integrated education, assisting parents in developing the whole person: intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual.  The school is designed to provide the highest level of education to lower and middle school boys in the Houston area. Our goal is to prepare young men, rooted in the true, the good, and the beautiful, who can serve as leaders in our society through their strength of mind, heart, and imagination.

  • Western creates an environment that makes the students want to come back every day. They are stretched in every concievable way and allowed to use their talents in a variety of ways while also being stretched to better themselves on their personal weaknesses.
  • Western is an amazing school where the boys love learning and exploring. It increases their imagination, encourages and creates the opportunity for the boy to reach his full potential. We especially love the natural environment in which classes take place.
  • Boys are allowed to make mistakes and learn from them. Teachers are life-long learners and excellent role models, communication with us as parents has exceeded my expectations. Boys are allowed to be boys, the curriculum is challenging while also addressing the basics, student body is very diverse.
  • I love what this school has done for my son as a person. He is more self confident, accountable and physically active. I like that technology is not a part of everyday usage. He is a much happier child without that distraction in his life and is embracing creative and competitive play.
  • What makes Western Academy distinct and special is the faculty; they truly care for each boy that joins the school and serve as exemplary role models for the young men the students become when they graduate. We have not found any other institution as dedicated to the holistic development of each child - mind, body, and heart - where the challenging academics and competitive spirit are nurtured just as much as kindness and compassion.

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