Civis Romanus Sum Latin Camp

“Civis Romanus sum!”: Foundations in Latin & English Grammar 

Whether delving into the deep and vital waters of the Latin language for the first time, or wading back into its rigorous yet rewarding study for yet another year, or even grabbing hold of the seemingly shapeshifting nature of English Grammar, usage, and syntax, this summer primer will help your boy develop a delight in the meanings of words and sentences, a strong foundation in language study habits, and a chance to become an honorary citizen of ancient Rome, a citizenship full of intellectual benefits, and one which no deceased emperor, general, and/or official of that once great empire will dispute. 

This primer will feature energetic instruction from Western Academy teachers, allowing students to develop a lasting confidence in their use and study of language. Campers of all aptitudes in Latin and English Grammar are welcome. Whether the campers are new to Western Academy or not, all may have the honor of singing out proudly at weeks end: “Civis Romanus sum!”

August 12-16 (10:00am - 12:00pm)

AGE   Boys age 10 - 14
COST   $200
STAFF   Dan Callahan