Meyerland Bus Service

Western Academy is pleased to offer daily transportation (Mon-Fri) TO the school for families living in the Meyerland area. The bus does NOT run in the afternoon and so families must work out transportation home after school. 

DRIVER: Pablo Antonio Melendez, 3rd grade teacher. Can be reached via text or phone at (301) 742-5077
PICKUP TIME: 6:50 AM (Monday - Friday)
LOCATIONTalbot's located at 500 Meyerland Plaza. Houston, Texas 77096
COST: $500.00 per child for the school year.

IMPORTANT NOTE: The bus will depart at 6:50am even if some people are not there. If someone isn't on the bus and Mr. Melendez hasn't been asked to wait or been told that someone is running late he will assume that you do not need a ride that day.

COMMUNICATION: Mr. Melendez will be using the REMIND APP to communicate with parents. Please download the application on your phone and search for WA Meyerland Bus then join the group. Parents should already have the app as it is what homeroom teachers use to communicate quickly with the entire class. 

Here is a more detailed step by step:

  1. Go to

  2. Select either text or email for your communication

  3. Enter the preferred email and mobile phone number

  4. You will receive a confirmation code. Please enter it where prompted

  5. You can now receive messages from Mr. Melendez.

SAFETY: While Mr. Melendez is driving he will not able to attend to problems on the bus and/or discipline students therefore if he has to reprimand your son more than once you will be asked to drive your son to school for the remainder of the week.
Boys should either read a book, do homework, sleep, or have conversation which is allowed as long as it doesn't become a distraction to him on the way to school.