Old Boys on the Gridiron

Four young men playing football at Frassati Catholic: Colin England (’18), Joseph Cassidy (’18), Joey Abrams (’17), Garrett England (’19). Excellent guys on and off the field! Congrats to these fellas and their families.

Just for fun, Frassati recently introduced Houses at their school. This is quite interesting, since Frassati is the fourth Catholic high school do add Houses, since the start of Western. St. John XXIII High School started in 2013, followed by St. Thomas HS, then Strake Jesuit.

Here is how Frassati frames the impact of the Houses in their school…

At Frassati Catholic High School we are committed to the integral formation of our students, which includes their intellectual, spiritual, physical and social growth. Some of the best learning opportunities can happen outside the classroom through participation in the House System and extracurricular activities including sports, fine arts, faith and service opportunities. Often it is there that students solidify friendships, discover skills and interests they did not even know they had, and build confidence and a sense of responsibility. The Houses at Frassati are: Polone, Turin, Florence, Rome (cities of importance in the life of Blessed Pier Pietro Frassati)

Frassati football sep 2019.jpeg
Timothy Keenley