Spring Break Service Project

 Fourteen intrepid young men are currently in Monterrey, Mexico, on the Westcott Spring Break Service Project. Among them are eight WA graduates and one lucky eighth-grader: Zig Sanchez, Alvaro Directo, Emilio Parra, Rafael Bello, Carl Belton, Andy Gosselin, Tony Gosselin, Rafa Ramos, and Andy Caranti.


The group is also led by a familiar cast: JL Marti, Pedro Caranti, Dan Murphy, Johann D’Souza, and Fr. Pete. They are spending the week running a day camp at a poor parish on the edge of the city where they teach English and catechism and play games with the children. A highlight of the trip is an afternoon spent hiking up into the poorest parts of the neighborhood to visit families in their homes and distribute the donated clothing with they brought with them for this purpose. This is the second or third time making the trip for a few of the boys who are always struck by the faith, joy, and generosity of those they traveled to serve, leaving the boys convinced that they receive much more during the week than they are able to give.

Rahul Aggarwal