Western, Dear Forge of My Soul

Since the spring of 2017, we heartily sing Western’s Alma Mater. Mr. Doug Klatt’s flowing tune and words are captured below for our enjoyment. The song, Western Dear Forge of My Soul, captures a boy's memories of Western and his ambitions for the future. Doug is a founding faculty at Western in 2010 and a prolific writer of dramatic scripts and music enjoyed by our community over many years. Doug, along with his wonderful family, including Xavier who attended Western, moved back to Chicago last summer. Doug is now teaching at Northridge Prep School, where Xavier, attends. We are deeply indebted to Doug for his beautiful compositions which have deeply enriched our lives at Western.

We include a soundtrack of our choir singing Western, Dear Forge of my Soul.

Western, Dear Forge of my Soul,

Words & Music by Doug Klatt

O Sweet Alma Mater dear forge of my youth,

Please mold me to manhood I pray.

O Father in heaven please guide me in truth,

So one day I may lead the way.

O Western when I leave your forested grounds,

To cross both far mountain and sea.

May I always carry deep in my heart,

The metal you forged within me.

Sweet Alma Mater help me be wise yet bold.

To do all that I should and stay close to the Good,

And to Western dear forge of my soul.

Many years from this moment when I am a man,

May I look back with fond memory.

On that place of my youth where my manhood was forged,

Dear Western Academy.

Sweet Alma Mater...

Rahul Aggarwal