As our young men grow...

Old Boys, Western Class of 2016 at a function at Strake Jesuit, now Juniors, are Carl Belton (Water), Jake Frizzell (Water), Marco Nino (Green) and Jomi Uyenco (Water). We couldn’t help noticing the jackets “getting shorter” on these young men! When Western boys graduate, they become our “Old Boys,” reminiscent of the British School tradition we share at Western. These young men can be often seen on campus visits, getting mentoring and helping out in one way or another. The Belton and Nino families are also founders of Western back in 2010. Old Boys make up an important part of Western and share our life at school. We remember those days with these fellas frolicking around the campus not long ago.

jake pic.png

Carl Belton, Jake Frizzell and Marco Nino

jake 2 pic.png

Marco Nino, Jake Frizzell and Jomi Uyenco

Rahul Aggarwal