WA Graduates at Founding Roots Dinner

On April 1, 2017, we were happy to host a group of Western’s Class of 2013 at the Founding Roots Dinner this year. A table for them was sponsored by the Jinks family here at school. These “Old Boys” were able to meet guests and share experiences about Western as they now complete high school and head to college. Miguel Caranti gave a presentation about his application and acceptance to Princeton University and read his application essay that dealt with his experience at Western. Thanks, fellas, for joining us!

Class of 2013 members at the dinner were:

Miguel Caranti (Princeton University) 
Edmund Carroll (University of Dallas)
Robert Corso (Texas Tech University)
Andres Javier Giraldo (Texas Christian University)
Joseph Gutierrez (Texas Christian University)
David Heffernan (Texas A&M)
Gabriel Joseph (Trinity University)
David O'Bar (University of Houston)
Luke Pelletier (University of Dallas)
Felipe Vilalta (TAMU or University of Houston)

Others attending from other classes were:

Rafael Bello, 2014 (now at St. Thomas Episcopal High School)
Kyle Smith, 2012 (now at U. of Houston, School of Music)

Rahul Aggarwal