Pigskin Classic

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Each December, Western’s graduating classes (2012 - 2017) field teams to battle in 7-on-7 touch football with their teachers on our beloved Campus and have dinner with families. Faculty and dads form teams to join in the competition. Five rounds of play wind up in a championship game and the awarding of the golden football award to the winning team’s MVP. The men are joined by family members at 4.15 pm for dinner provided by a Taco Truck (cash required for dinner).

Come join us for this year’s game! Use the form below to register up to 3 game participants (graduates, faculty or dads) and additional spectator adults and children.

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Recap of  Alumni-Faculty Pigskin Football Classic 2016

This year’s 7-on-7 Pigskin Classic on December 15th featured teams from all five graduating classes (2012-2016), a big dad’s team with 17 players (dads of alumni and current Green Jays) and a big Faculty team comprised of 12 teachers (and one former teacher, Ben Cramer).

After five rounds of play, the Faculty team defeated the Class of 2012 (boys now in college).  The winning touchdown “Hail Mary” pass caught by Mr. John Rocha, who was awarded the golden football MVP of the game.  Even though the Rocha’s are now moving to Arkansas, John will now have to return for next year ’s Pigskin to award next year’s MVP winner.

Total of 85 participants made the tourney the biggest ever and tons of kids and moms joined us for BBQ afterward in Beorn, including our referees who added a lot of spice to the various games.