Summer Programs 2015

Come alive at WA this summer!  Academic, Adventure, and Athletic Programs for boys, including the sellout Dangerous Club for Boys!

Name of ProgramDateTimeAgeCost

Academic Programs

Speech CampJul 6-1012:30pm-3:30 am7-14$200Sign Up
Math CampAug 4-88:00-10:00 am7-14$200Sign Up
Writing CampAug 4-810:00-12:00 pm7-14$200Sign Up
Language Arts & Latin CampAug 4-812:30-3:30 pm7-14$200Sign Up
Green Jay 101Aug 25-299:00-12:00 pm7-14$200Sign Up

Adventure Programs

Dangerous Club for BoysJun 22-269:00-3:00 pm7-14$300Sign Up
Bug CampJul 7-119:00-12:00 pm7-10$200Sign Up
Texas History TrailsJul 21-259:00-4:00 pm10-15$300Sign Up
Science CampAug 10-149:00-3:00 pm11-14$300Sign Up
Trebuchet CampAug 11-1512:30-3:30 pm11-14$200Sign Up
Band CampAug 17-211:00-3:00 pm10-15$150Sign Up

Athletic Programs

Rookie Rugby CampJun 9-139:00-12:00 pm7-14$150Sign Up
Cross Country CampJun 8-127:30-9:00 am7-14$100Sign Up
Wrestling CampJun 8-121:00-4:00 pm7-14$200Sign Up
Football CampJul 28-Aug 19:00-12:00 pm7-14$200Sign Up

August 17-21

Band Camp      

1:00-3:00pm, $150

Band Camp is meant for boys who have started playing or who wish to begin to play brass, woodwinds and percussion. Boys will receive guided practice and small group instruction in wind instruments and percussion. Games and additional activities will supplement the camp.

Staff: Doug Klatt & Tim Keenley

June 9-13

Rookie Rugby Camp 

9:00am-12:00pm, $150

Rookie Rugby Camp is designed for boys to gain experience in the fascinating game that builds on the characteristics of toughness, will power, and loyalty. The sport of Rugby Football hails from the renowned Rugby School in England, and is the second most popularly played sport in the world! The Western Academy Rookie Rugby Camp allows boys to jump into rugby as a safe, non-contact, but fast-paced passing and running sport. The Rookie Rugby Camp is where boys get to learn the rules of the great game of rugby while everyone gets a chance to catch, pass and run with the ball.
Staff: Larry Monks


June 8-12

Cross Country Camp 

7:30am-9:00am, $100

Cross Country Camp offers a fun introduction to the summer running program that will prepare the boys for the fall’s upcoming cross country season.  Special attention will be given to stretching, different kinds of running workouts, and tips for racing better. The boys will also play games that assist them in building up their core strength and stamina. Sign up for Cross Country Camp!
Staff: Adam Thompson


June 8-12

Wrestling Camp 

1:00pm-4:00pm, $200

Wrestling Camp offers a fun immersion in this ancient and noble sport through a combination of instruction, drilling, and live wrestling. Participants will receive personalized one-on-one assistance from camp coaches and mentors. The primary objectives of the camp are to review the fundamentals of folkstyle wrestling; to learn advanced techniques in neutral, bottom, and top positions; and to gain invaluable mat experience from tough matches throughout the week. Additionally, special attention will be devoted to the virtues of discipline, courage, and sportsmanship that wrestling encourages. Summer work makes winter champions!

Staff: Adam Thompson

June 22-26

Dangerous Club for Boys

9:00am-3:00pm, $300

Dangerous Club for Boys, inspired in part by The Dangerous Book for Boys, will offer a generous sampling of activities and lessons that will familiarize the boys with stories, hobbies, games, and skills that every boy should know and love. The goal is to awaken a boy’s natural passion for learning and to encourage him on the dangerous adventure of becoming a good man! Activities could include: games and sports, lizard hunts, secret codes and ciphers, chess, poetry, fort-building, sketching, bird watching, character talks, knot tying, learning about great heroes.
Staff: Chris Carroll

July 6-10

Speech Camp (lower and upper school have separate tracks)

12:30pm-3:30pm, $200

Western Academy’s Speech Camp trains students to dramatize works of prose and poetry for school bard competitions as well as speech tournaments. Participants will learn how to: select and cut prose passages and poems; prepare a memorized introduction; pace their performances; enunciate and pronounce words correctly; imbue pathos and expressiveness into their performance through the intonation, pitch, and tone of their voice as well as targeted body language; and bring to life memorable characterization. Some attention will also be given to improvisational performances and impromptu speaking, too. Finally, advanced students will be encouraged to write and memorize an original oration for performance. The week will culminate with a mini-festival competition on Friday.
Staff: Adam Thompson and Larry Monks

July 7-11

Bug Camp 

9:00am-12:00pm, $200

Bug Camp entails observing, collecting, identifying, (properly) killing, drying, pinning, and labeling various Texas insects. The camp will include studying the anatomy, life cycle, and binomial nomenclature of common Texas insects. The Camp will include a trip to the Katy Prairie Conservancy, where we will catch insects and also to learn about the Texas biome. 
Staff: John Power and Nathaniel Saylor 

July 21-25

Texas History Trails 

9:00am-4:00pm, $300

Camp Texas History Trails is a one-week immersion into the causes and events of the Texas Revolution.  Campers will be instructed about the varied cultural, political, military, and historical significances, the why and how of Texas’ Independence.  Each morning will begin with a history class to prepare our visit to that day’s historic site of Texas.  Emphasis will be given to appreciating the hardships and complexities of a frontier life, as well as to understanding the details of each of the battles of the Texas Revolution.  A special demonstration on Antebellum artillery will be given by a member of the Texas Army Reenactment Group and friend of Western Academy. The Texas Historic Sites we will study and explore are: Gonzales (the Lexington of Texas), Washington on the Brazos (where Texas Declaration of Independence was signed), San Felipe de Austin (the Colonial Capital of Texas), Huntsville (Sam Houston Memorial, Musuem, and Statue), and San Jacinto (Battlefield, Monument, and Museum of Texas Independence). 
Staff: Patrick Miggins

July 28 - August 1

Football Camp 

9:00am-12:00pm, $200

Improve your skills and enjoy the team game of football. Whether your goal is to improve as a player or just have more fun with your friends, learn the fundamentals and game strategies from Western Academy’s head coach, Mr. Mike McManus. Players develop the fundamentals and individual skills of the game through drills and competitions. The personal attention of the staff also focuses on the development of the virtues associated with team-play and the overall character of a sportsman. 
Staff: Mike McManus

August 4-8

Math Camp 

8:00am-10:00am, $200

Math Camp offers students a head start on their math studies for the upcoming year. Teacher-led instruction in math fundamentals, along with ample student practice and one-on-one teacher tutoring, will focus on honing students current math skills and enabling them to advance efficiently to the next level. In addition to stressing order, neatness, accuracy, and thoroughness, heavy emphasis will be placed on students exercising good math study skills through the mastery of key math concepts.
Staff: John Creech

August 4-8

Writing Camp 

10:00am-12:00pm, $200

Writing Camp offers students the opportunity to refine their current writing skills and learn how to write effectively for a variety of purposes. The camp will provide a firm foundation in the writing format Western Academy uses for its classes, a format proven to enable them to be successful writers in high school and beyond.
Staff: John Creech


August 4-8

Language Arts and Latin Camp 

12:30pm-3:30pm, $200

Language Arts and Latin Camp offers students the ability to increase their facility with English grammar and vocabulary while learning the wonderfully logical (and fun!) language of Latin, which is not only the basis of the Romance languages, but of much of our English vocabulary. The focus will be to learn some Latin, but with equal emphasis placed on improving students’ command of English. Simultaneously studying Latin and English not only helps students learn the many English words derived from Latin, but also provides new “lenses” through which to better view and understand English grammar.
Staff: John Creech

August 10-14

Science Camp 

9:00am-3:00pm, $300

In Science Camp, boys explore central discoveries in Biology, Chemistry and Physics.  They meet the pivotal characters in the story of science.  They put the Scientific Method into action with hands-on experiments and demonstrations.  Biological study will include dissections and the use of microscopes.  Students will see an amazing gravitational demonstration and create a laser from scratch in the Physics portion of the camp.  In the Chemistry portion, we will see some incredible properties of elements and produce explosive chemical reactions. 

Staff: Joe Kolf, John Power, Nathaniel Saylor

August 11-15

Trebuchet Camp 

12:30pm-3:30pm, $200

Trebuchet Camp will provide a fun, exciting, hands-on approach to studying energy conversion, levers, trajectories, ratios, rotational motion, inertia, forces, and more!  Investigate how projectile range alters by changing variables such as weight, weight position, sling length, pivot point, and projectile mass.  Each camper will build a model trebuchet kit, as well as contribute to the design and construction of a larger scale model.
Staff: Patrick Miggins and Nathaniel Saylor

August 25-29

Green Jay 101 Camp 

9:00am-12:00pm, $200

Green Jay 101 is an introductory camp for incoming WA students. This camp offers key study skills that are fundamental to an excellent student’s approach to academics. It will feature a Summer Reading section, in which students will receive instruction in completing their summer reading and journaling, as well as their poem memorization assignments. The camp will also feature Math and Language Arts sections. Math instruction will be grouped based on student aptitude and with an emphasis on beginning the year with a strong start. The Language Arts component will feature some Latin as well as a short narrative around which reading comprehension and writing workshop classes will be held.
Staff: Patrick Miggins, all of WA faculty