Parent Lecture Series


november 3, 2017 - 7:30pm

Because I want to! Training the Will of our children

Pilar Caranti holds a Masters in Psychology from the Catholic University of Argentina. Family topics and the education of children are her passion. She and her husband Guido have been married for 22 years and have 6 children, ages 21 through 10. They are a founding family of Western Academy and are great enthusiasts of the school. One graduated in 2010 and is now attending Princeton University and the two youngest sons are in 8th and 5th grade. She has been working at Western Academy as the Director of Parents First since 2015. She and her husband are the Directors of Texas Family Enrichment, a not for profit organization that organizes parenting courses using the case study method. She is a moderator and facilitates cases in different cities. They are also the founders of Family Summer, a vacation for families in Beaver Creek, Colorado that combines a family enrichment course, leisure and outdoor adventures. Originally from Argentina, they have made Houston their home for the last 21 years.

Re-cap and summary

Our very own Mrs. Pilar Caranti gave one of the best talks of the Raising Men of Honor Series.  She addressed the one of the most critical aspects of parenting: forming the will power of our children to choose and want the good: “Possessing a well-directed will-power, makes it easier for us to do whatever we set our minds to (hopefully, what we set our minds to is to pursue the Good that our intelligence discovers or acknowledges)”.    In the talk she stressed the importance of virtues such as Order: “Order in the schedule is very important and it’s the most visible one as things take place regularly and as planned. Your children should know that you eat, you sleep and wake up at a certain time; that there is a time to work and time to play and rest, that there is a fixed place for dinner and that dinner time is a family activity and not in front of the TV”; the “Chain of events: that is events that follow each other and are repeated daily” and Material OrderEach thing in its place and a place for each thing”. She also spoke about the virtue of Fortitude“We have to make them do things that require effort.” And delay their instant gratification by “Making them put up with thirst, hunger, heat, cold, etc.” She finished talking about the virtue of Sobriety, which she defined as the “moderation in the desire to possess things”. She recommended some principles to have in mind when educating and living this virtues: We are administrators, not owners of what we possess, learn to habitually go without the superfluous, unnecessary or nonessential things. She stressed the point of “presenting our children with higher ideals, higher goods –visit the elderly, help someone in need- as they will bring a deeper satisfaction and true happiness. Having a profound contact with the GOOD, the good in contrast with suffering, brings immense benefits when educating in virtue.”

It was a wealth of wisdom from the mother of six and our leader in helping parents become better and wiser in fulfilling their most important job.  You can listen to the talk by clicking on this link. 

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