A Panel for Dads: Beer, Birds & Bees (May 2017)

On May 9, 2017, Mr. Guido Caranti, father of six (including Miguel, WA Class of 2013, Andy in 7th and Pablo in 4th)  and Mr. Chris Carroll, father of five (including Edmund, WA Class of 2013 and CJ, Class of 2016) addressed the WA dads and shared their thoughts and experiences on how best to educate our sons in the realm of human sexuality.

Dr. Ray Guarendi was the Keynote Speaker at Family Summer 2017

Dr. Ray Guarendi is a father of ten, clinical psychologist, author, professional speaker, and national radio and television host. He has written many books. His first book, You’re a Better Parent Than You Think! is now in its 28th printing. His other books include: Advice Worth Ignoring; Back to the Family; Discipline That Lasts a Lifetime; Good Discipline, Great Teens; Adoption: Choosing It, Living It, Loving It; Marriage: Small Steps, Big Rewards; Winning the Discipline Debates; Fighting Mad; and When Faith Causes Family Friction.

Marriage: small steps, big rewards

Standing strong as a parent

Videos from raised to love website 

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