What is Parents First?

An intrinsic part of Western Academy's mission is to help parents fulfill their role as the primary educators of their children. Parents First is Western Academy's organized effort to implement that mission. If the education offered by both the family culture and a child’s school are in sync, then the synergy created by those combined forces brings about the best possible learning environment for that child.  To that end, Parents First offers a practical way in which the mission of Western Academy can coalesce with the culture of the family in each student’s home. 

Just as classes, sports, field trips, the student's advisor, etc. contribute to the education of the student, the resources offered by Parents First encourage and empower the WA parents to become the best persons, and consequently the best parents, that they can be. Parents First is uniquely characteristic to Western Academy – seeking for its students’ authentic harmony between family life and the school’s mission.

Parents First achieves this through offering a variety of proven programs, lectures, resources, and positive experiences to all parents of Western Academy. We encourage you to participate in these activities and walk with us in the adventure of parenting.


If we want our children to be men and women of character who want to study hard at school, want to love others and want to grow up to be responsible citizens, then we need to teach them to acquire self-control: to have willpower.
— Fernando Corominas