Community Outreach

Developing a spirit of service is an important component in the formation of our children. Many times, our problems stem from being too self-centered and a great solution is going beyond ourselves and help those around us: visit an elderly person that is all alone, accompany a family in need, share our time and talents with the less fortunate. That is why at Western Academy we propose these activities for the entire family.

Adopt a Grandparent

Regular visits to a nursing home. 

Adopt a Family

Visit and assist families in need around Houston.

In your school you take part in various activities that habituate you not to shut yourselves in on yourselves or
in your small world, but to be open to others, especially to the poorest and neediest, to work to improve the
world in which we live. Be men and women with others and for others, real champions in the service of
— Pope Francis