Our Old Boys

We refer to Western Academy graduates as our Old Boys, reminiscent of the British Boys' schools tradition which we share.  The WA Old Boys and their families are an integral part of our culture and enrich the life of the school. They come to receive mentoring with our teachers and attend the annual Pigskin Classic football tournament in the fall, the "El Clasico" Soccer game in winter, and the Rugby Tourney in the spring each year.  As we follow their growth in their high schools of choice and later in college or trade school, we see our young men truly Alive!  Graduated parents stay in close touch with the school through events, continuing parent formation and the family’s continued support to Western Academy with their recurring gifts to the Old Boys Fund.

My three years at Western Academy were the best years at any school. Learning how to become a true man through faith and hard work really opened up the possibilities for me. Every teacher has a special bond with each one of his students. If you listen and learn from these men, you are sure to have a tremendous head start for high school and for many other lessons and obstacles in life.


Mathew Saye
(Class of 2017)


Garrett Kindle (Class of 2013)

Western Academy gave me the ability to add both color and vibrance to my work in both the liberal arts and otherwise. This became pivotal in my acceptance to the University of Manchester, and it has allowed me to write on a level above my peers since I graduated. Western Academy has been a part of my heart and soul, and I have never discounted being a graduate of a great Houston liberal arts school.

Garrett is studying International Business (Finance & Economics), U. of Manchester, UK.