House System

Similar to many traditional English schools, Western Academy is divided (students, faculty, and staff) into four houses. The house names are taken from the four elements of the school’s coat of arms, each with a motto connected to the ideals that complete a Western Academy man:

House of the Raven
House of the Shell
House of the Shell
House of the Green

Siblings and first cousins are typically sorted into the same house.

 The Houses of Western serve many important purposes:

  • They communicate and encourage the embodiment of the school’s ideals;

  • They strengthen the enthusiasm and spirit for Western Academy and give the community a strong sense of belonging to a tradition and family;

  • The house competitions are “rallying points” throughout the year marked by festival days that include holy Mass, competitions, a worthy meal, and spirited games;

  • The houses encourage leadership and a sense of pride at Western Academy.

Festival Days

Throughout the year the Houses compete; competitions include chess tournaments, academic projects, poetry competitions, athletic events, etc. The primary days of competition are festival days — days designed to help students have a sense of season and to truly celebrate a feast: they know the reason for the feast — the feast's gift — and can naturally rejoice in receiving the gift.