Western Academy is a liberal arts school for boys, grades 3-8 located in Houston, Texas.

Through personal attention and dedicated effort, teachers foster a genuine passion for learning and provide an integrated education, assisting parents in developing the whole person: intellectual, moral, physical, and spiritual.  

Developing the Whole Person: Intellectual, Moral, Physical and Spiritual.

The school is designed to provide the highest level of education to lower and middle school boys in the Houston area. Our goal is to prepare young men, rooted in the true, the good, and the beautiful, who can serve as leaders in our society through their strength of mind, heart, and imagination.  


Do you desire the gold, then take hold to setting sun rising. Do you desire it all, then you’ll fall, To rise on wings flying. When you sail in the deep, you can sleep, Ther’s a new moon glist’ning. When you sit silent, still, then you will Catch holy wind whistling. Brothers, hear the call, we are Western Men. Brothers, rise or fall, we are Western Men.
— Excerpt from Western Men: Setting Sun Rising
Music by Doug Klatt
Lyrics by J.P. Presberg