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Family Enrichment Course

A parenting course for Western Academy families on the subject of “Adolescence” will be presented by Houston Family Enrichment from January to May 2015. The course will meet at Western Academy on the 2nd Saturday of each of these months from 7:00-9:00 PM.

Family Enrichment uses a teaching methodology that applies the case study method to family life. A real life family situation is presented in each case. The facts of the case are outlined, problems are discussed and improvements are suggested by the course participants. Discussion is lively, informative and fun. Participating in these discussions stimulates important conversations outside the course between the spouses about their own family situations. The discussions are led by a trained moderator and a short talk follows on some topic related to the case. A social hour follows. This course will also be a great occasion to get to know other Western Academy families better.

To see a list of cases covered in the Adolescence course or to register, browse to: For more information contact: Ollie or Debby Costello 713-518-2491, 713-518-2494