The Faculty Of Western Academy

Larry Monks, Teacher, Coach

Larry teaches 5th grade language arts, literature, history and physical education. He also coaches Rugby football and American football. Prior to joining Western Academy Larry taught English Language Arts and Speech at St. Pius X High School and Aspen Education Group. He founded the Rugby football team at St. Pius in 2009, and led them to the state championship in 2010. While teaching and coaching at St. Pius, Larry also served as the web editor for the Eastern Catholic Eparchial Directors for Religious Education. A native Houstonian, Larry received his B.S. in Professional Writing from the University of Houston and M.L.A. in Political Science and Communications from the University fo St. Thomas. Lastly, Larry has volunteered as Assistant Cub Master, Assistant Scout Master and COPE Ropes Course Director with the Boy Scouts of America; he holds a keen interest in camping, canoeing, fishing, hunting, hiking, telling camp stories and playing folk songs on his acoustic guitar--all of which makes him natural fit for Western Academy.