The Faculty Of Western Academy

John Creech, Teacher, Coach

John is a 7th grade homeroom teacher and a member of Western Academy's Administrative Council.  He teaches advanced middle school Latin, history, writing, literature and language arts, and maintains the school's accreditation status. John also teaches online courses in government, American history, and western civilization for a Houston-based homeschool co-op operated by the Institute of Catholic Cultural Studies.  Prior to joining Western Academy, John was the Academic Director of the Center for the American Republic, a program of the Free Enterprise Institute, where he organized and led educational programs for students, teachers, and academics.  John is also a licensed Texas attorney with experience in healthcare regulatory law and litigation and the organization and management of educational non-profit organizations.  Prior to his study and practice of law, John acquired more than seven years experience in education, teaching English and Latin at St. Thomas High School and St. Pius X High School.  John received a B.A. in philosophy with minor concentrations in English and classics from the University of St. Thomas, completed doctoral coursework in philosophy at Rice University and earned his J.D. from the University of Houston Law Center.  John has been with Western since the school was founded in 2010.