Summer Workshops: Reading & Journaling or Cursive Penmanship

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Rediscover how reading and putting pen or pencil to paper stimulates the brain like nothing else! In these two Summer Workshops Western Academy teachers will give individualized attention to small groups based on age level and ability.

Both programs will focus on the development of the academic skills of reading and writing, and are a great way to start off the summer! Though directed to Western Academy students, any boy is welcome to attend.

The Reading and Journaling Workshop will feature small groups of students who are instructed on how to make their WA summer reading and journaling assignment the pleasurable experience it ought to be! Campers will be guided in thoughtfully completing their journal entries, be they based on assigned books, poems, or their own colorful family story!

The Cursive Penmanship Workshop is designed to teach cursive handwriting proficiency for students of any skill level. The physical act of writing in cursive, while channeling attention to detail and sound comprehension, remains the mark of a refined, accomplished student. This workshop underscores, in a fun way, how cursive penmanship benefits go beyond fine motor skills, as fine writing is next to fine doing!

June 4-8 (8:00-9 a.m.)
June 11-15 (8:00-9 a.m.)

Boys age 7-14

$ 100 per session

Western Academy teachers