Piano Camp

Piano camp is designed for the total beginner or camper with some music experience to learn the basics of that all-important musical instrument: the piano. Students will learn in a uniquely Western way- on a portable piano instrument called a melodica, which students will get to keep. On the melodica, campers get to practice reading music and learning real piano technique that can be brought later to a full-sized piano if the student wishes to continue in their studies. The melodica makes a great instrument to play on all summer and a ton of fun in the classroom! In addition to classroom excitement, students also learn the fundamentals of reading music which are helpful in any future musical endeavor. Camp tuition includes the cost of all music and the instrument itself, which campers get to keep forever!

June 24-28 (3:30pm-5:30pm)

Boys age 7- 13

Cost: $185 for the camp, which includes a portable piano/organ (called a melodica), case, mouthpiece, and all music

Michael Whitebread