Astronomy Camp

Astronomy Camp at Western Academy is primarily a hands-on, in-the-field experience.  During the week of June 11th, we will gather for three evening sessions, two at Western and one at the Houston Astronomical Society’s Dark Site (near Columbus).  The boys will become familiar with important constellations and stars, the ancient stories connected with them, as well as the modern technology we use to understand the cosmos.  We will use a variety of telescopes, including Western's 11-inch Schmidt-Cassegrain.  We plan to meet on June 11, 12 & 13 (Monday - Wednesday).  It is very possible that one or more sessions will need to be rescheduled if the skies are cloudy, so please keep Thursday, Friday and Saturday evenings open.

June 11 - 15 (3 sessions, depending on weather)
2 evenings at WA: 7:30 p.m. - 10:30 p.m.
1 evening field trip to HAS Dark Site: 6:30 p.m. - midnight

Boys age 8 - 13

Nathaniel Saylor