Click  here  to view the 2019 Brochure.

Click here to view the 2019 Brochure.

WA Summer Camps 2019

The Western Academy spirit of adventure and freedom is well represented in the offerings for this year's summer camps. Boys from ages 7 to 14 have a wide range of boy-intensive interests and activities. From reenacting famous battles using miniature figures, to learning the ukulele or night-time star-gazing, there will be something to ignite the minds and hearts of any boy who is looking for adventure and discovery. All camps are run by WA faculty or staff. The 2019 Summer Camp schedule will be available soon. 

Dangerous Club for Boys


Dangerous Club for Boys is Western Academy’s signature summer camp. This camp familiarizes boys with stories, hobbies, games, and skills that every boy should know and love. The goal is to awaken your son’s natural passion for learning and to encourage him on the dangerous adventure of becoming a good man! Activities include: stories from Viking mythology and US war heroes, man-up skills, leisure for the soul activities, get civilized history sessions, music lessons, science experiments, Nerf wars, poetry and prose recitations, physical feats of prowess, Capture the Flag, constructing battle masks, ciphering codes and solving puzzles, and a reptile show.

Week 1: Welcome to Valhalla: Mighty Men of Norse Mythology (June 17-21)
Week 2: Band of Brothers: Heroes of the U.S. Armed Forces (June 24-28)