4th grade camping trip, May 6th to May 7th, 2019

Dear Parents of Western Academy's Finest (4th Grade),

Mr. Callahan and I are excited to announce the upcoming 4th Grade Father-Son Class Camping Trip! We'll sleep in tents or under the stars, eat armadillo burgers over the fire, make s'mores, play lots of games like capture the flag and manhunt, explore the wilderness, and generally run around outside having an awesome time! We really hope all dads can come to spend this time with their sons and get to know each other better, however we want to stress that we hope all the boys come even if their dads are unable to make it. Dads are welcome to meet up with the class later during the trip if they are unable to join us from the beginning. We will be camping at TTT Ranch, County Rd 289, Centerville, TX 75833, from Monday, May 6th to Tuesday, May 7th.

Here's the plan:

Monday, 5/6:
-Drop off Green Jay and camping gear no later than 7:30 am
-Load vehicles and depart by 8:00am
-Arrive at campsite mid-morning
-Pitch camp
-Eat lunch
-Hike, sports, build forts, climb trees...
-Hike, sports, build forts, climb trees...
-Night games (capture the flag, flashlight tag, kick the can...)
-Campfire, s'mores, stories, jokes

Tuesday, 5/7:
-Cook breakfast, eat
-Break camp
-Hike, sports, capture the flag, build forts, climb trees...
-Lunch at 11:30
-Final clean-up
-Depart for Western Academy at 1:00pm
-Arrive at WA by dismissal time

The cost of the trip is $15 per person to help cover expenses.

Boys should not bring with them anything that has an on/off switch. (And the rest of us will avoid using such devices except when absolutely necessary, of course...)

Pocket knives can be brought on the trip, but dads or teachers will keep charge of them and the boys will be permitted to use them only when an adult is present.

Fishing: There will be plenty of time for fishing so if you like to fish bring your fishing gear.

Click here to view the packing list (PDF).

IMPORTANT: TTT Ranch has a liability form that will need to be filled out and turned in to your son’s home room teacher by April 30th.

Thanks so much! We are looking forward to a GREAT trip!

Joe Kolf
Western Academy
(314) 402-3491

Dan Callahan
Western Academy
(703) 338-4586

Directions to TTT Ranch

(County Rd 289, Centerville, TX 75833)


  • The ranch address is not known by Google or the like.

  • TTT Ranch address: 9241 Private Road 2310

    • Don’t use this address for anything.

      • If you ignore this pleading, you will be directed to use County Road 207.

      • We promise you that you cannot get to the ranch using CR 207.

  • PRINT THESE DIRECTIONS. Once you leave Centerville on HW 7, cell service is spotty to nonexistent.


  • Please follow these directions carefully:

    • Take I-45 north

    • Take Exit 164 for Highway 7 towards Centerville

    • Turn right (East) on Highway 7. Go 11 miles to FM 1511.

      • FM 1511 is UNMARKED.

      • It is a paved road that extends to the left only.

      • It is the only paved cross road to HW 7 for a few miles in each direction.

      • Once your odometer hits 10 miles of travel on HW 7, keep your eyes peeled for a paved road on the left.

      • Shortly after making the turn, there will be a sign on the right confirming that you are on FM 1511.

    • Turn left on FM 1511. Go 5 miles to CR 289.

      • CR 289 is after a sharp S curve in the road with the road on a steep downward grade. The sign on the right for CR 289 is small and partially obscured by foliage.

    • Turn left on CR 289. Go 2 miles.

    • At 2 miles, bear LEFT to stay on CR 289. (Do not go straight!)

    • After bearing left, you will come to an 8-foot-tall game-proof fence on the left.

    • Continue down that fence for about 1/4 mile to an electric gate on the left.

    • There will be two flagpoles with three flags on each pole at the gate. You have arrived at TTT Ranch.

    • Continue down this road for about 200 yards until you come to a manual gate on the left. This is where we will enter the ranch.

      • When entering or exiting the property, PLEASE ALWAYS BE SURE TO FULLY CLOSE AND LATCH THE GATE BEHIND YOU in order to prevent the exotic and domestic deer that are managed on the ranch from walking out.


    • As the dirt roads are easily damaged by vehicle traffic, all driving on the ranch is strictly forbidden.

    • We will park our cars and hike to our campsite. Gear will be hauled in a trailer behind an ATV.

  • Contact information

    • After you exit I-45 and turn onto HW 7 you can call (903) 536-1760 if you have any questions or concerns.

      • This is the number to the ranch feed shed where Mr. Bolfing will be waiting for us.

    • The main Ranch phone number is (903) 536-6021

      • If there’s an emergency, a message can be left on the Ranch house phone, which we will check periodically during the trip.

    • Mr. Bolfing’s cell phone number is (713) 882-8945.