Raising Men of Honor Lecture Series

The third lecture in the 2016-2017 Raising Men of Honor Series will be delivered by Dr. Pat Fagan on Friday, April 21, at 7:30pm. The topic of his talk will be "Forming Young Men to Continue to Grow in Freedom and Responsibility." RSVP today!

Dr. Pat Fagan is from Dublin, Ireland, where he trained as a psychologist before practicing in Canada for five years as a marriage, family, and child therapist. He came to the American University to pursue doctoral studies in clinical psychology, but on discovering that a federally funded program was undermining the family life of one of his clients, he concluded that the bigger madness was on Capitol Hill, and switched fields. He founded The Marriage and Religion Research Institute (http://www.MARRI.us). Rather than writing books on social science findings (which only a small number would purchase and even smaller number would read), he instead launched the online encyclopedia www.Marripedia.org.  He is married to Theresa Gallagher, and they have eight grown children and eleven grandchildren.