Speech Camp


Western Academy’s Speech Camp trains students to dramatize works of prose and poetry for school bard competitions as well as speech tournaments. Participants will learn how to: select and cut prose passages and poems; prepare a memorized introduction; pace their performances; enunciate and pronounce words correctly; imbue pathos and expressiveness into their performance through the intonation, pitch, and tone of their voice as well as targeted body language; and bring to life memorable characterization. Some attention will also be given to improvisational performances and impromptu speaking, too. Finally, advanced students will be encouraged to write and memorize an original oration for performance. The week will culminate with a mini-festival competition on Friday.

(Lower school and upper school speech campers will have separate tracks.)

June 5-9 (12:30p - 3:30p)

AGE   Boys age 7 - 14
COST   $200 (or $300 for Football & Speech)
STAFF   Adam Thompson
CONTACT   adam.thompson@westernacademy.net